Simply the the easiest way to stay in touch with your scales in REAL-TIME from anywhere in the world on your phone or where an internet connection is available!
Sign Up Now is great for:

      • Dairies - You'll Love the flexibility of MSN and knowing commodity deliveries are going to the right location and the amount of product being taken from your location to producers/manufacturers is spot on!
      • Any Scale House - Multiple locations are perfect for!
      • Farms - Anywhere you need instant access to weigh in or weigh out information.
      • Barley, Sugarbeets, Grapes, Wheat, Corn, Cattle, whatever the crop or commodity, where ever the scale! All you need is internet access!

No costly equipment to get you up and running. You don't have to worry about software upgrades, hard drive crashes, data backups or viruses. If you have a laptop computer or a desktop computer that you would like to use at your location, as long as it has internet access, that is all you need! PERIOD. You use the indicator already in place with the equipment already in use at your location! is AFFORDABLE and will change the dynamic of your business!

Interested in using My Scale Net? Let us know:

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